Aug 19

SPARK Architects unveiled a proposal for a mobile, reconfigurable, and sustainable floating cooked-food center (also known as hawker center) called the Solar Orchid project. The pop-up shop that could potentially appear in numerous locations in Singapore, with a variety of vendors who operate within its pods.

Photographer Brandon Andersen's portraits of musicians at the Vans Warped Tour show what rockstars look like before and after their energetic performances onstage.

Aug 18

20-year-old Romanian photographer Felicia Simion's “dreamscapes” follow silhouetted figures in their journeys across vast, mysterious landscapes. Check out our exclusive interview with her, here.

On a recent trip to Iceland, Montpelier, France-based photographer Sarah Martinet had the opportunity to take an aerial tour of the land in a plane with open windows, resulting in these stunning photos that showcase the country’s extreme natural beauty from a unique, bird’s-eye view.

In just under a month, My Modern Met will be on the ground in Calgary, covering the most exciting art+science+engineering event of the year. Beakerhead is an annual, citywide, interactive movement that brings together brilliant minds to one place for five spectacular days, September 10-14, 2014. Check out the full calendar of events here!

In direct partnership with Beakerhead, My Modern Met will be live-blogging at the event, taking photos and videos to give you, our readers, a first-hand experience as if you were there with us. As a bonus to those who plan to attend, we’ll be giving away two free tickets to one of the main events, The Tremendous and Curious World of Beakerhead,over on our Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye out for the giveaway!

Valencia, Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates extraordinary paintings that are so hyperrealistic, they seem to come to life and flow right off the canvas. He adds another dimension to the lifelike paintings with playful snapshots of himself interacting with his creations.

These elegant self-portraits by London-based photographer Mariell Amélie are filled with soft colors and strong lighting that lend to the haunting aura throughout each image. Amélie captures unbelievable emotion throughout her work, which quickly consumes the viewer and creates a quiet, meditative visual experience.

Having grown up with fond memories of playing in a treehouse, Atlanta-based environmentalist Peter Bahouth partnered with local builder Nick Hobbs to design and construct his own adult version. Bahouth selected a trio of trees to build the structures in, resulting in three enchanting spaces linked together by a suspension bridge.

(photos by Lindsay Appel)

While most people all over the world live in a community with others around them, Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko captures those who choose to turn their backs on this lifestyle. His compelling series Escape documents people who instead live a solitary existence in the wilderness.

Aug 16

With a great eye for composition and an impeccable sense of timing, Japanese photographer Tatsuo Suzuki captures the dynamic energy of Tokyo in his gritty, black and white street photos.

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